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Spirit Wind was formed in 1999 as an Aboriginal women's hand drum and singing group. Zainab Amadahy and Brenda MacIntyre were the two original members of Spirit Wind. In the following years there were a number of guest singers from the Toronto area.

Michele Perpaul and Allan Jamieson Jr. sang with the group adding volume and song to the first CD, Breathing the Wind. Unfortunately Allan didn't join the group. Olivia Goguen joined Spirit Wind for a short time and added the fourth voice that rounded out the group. Zainab left the group and Brenda and Michele continued to sing together for the next two years. They released the second CD, Soul Talkin' in the winter of 2003.

The Awakening CD has brought Nancy Johnson and Rose Stella into the group with their awesome talents and voices. Brenda, Michele, Nancy and Rose sang together from the spring of 2004 until midsummer of 2005.

Currently, Spirit Wind is Michele Perpaul, Nancy Johnson, Amy Desjarlais, Tania Cordoba, Rochelle Allan and Dawnis Kennedy.


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