Spirit Wind Aboriginal Hand Drum and Singing

Chi Meegwetch!

Darlene Isaac Downey, Merlin Homer, Patrick LaValley, Isiah MacFarlane and Kaillin MacIntyre, many thanks for contributing your beautiful artwork. Scott Debassige, meegwetch for the awesome artwork, and your voice. Ba Pa Say is a true gift to everyone. Joan Khalid, thanks for the heartfelt poem we used in “Soar.” Joeann Argue, Marie Gaudet, Olivia Goguen, Denise Jeans, Charmalee Knox and Barb Rivett … meegwetch for your beautiful voices! Stephanie Toney, thanks for naming our song “Past, Present and Future.” Monica Bodirsky, without your support, we wouldn't have gotten so many photos in so little time.

Lisa Patterson, we had so much fun and excitement at imaginit music, and you kept us focused and in good spirits while we all worked hard together. Ghislaine Goudreau, meegwetch for all-the-time support! Aboriginal Voices Radio, meegwetch for playing our songs. Six Nations Writers, thanks for the advertising. Dennis Stark, thanks for your support. Bahnii Kenny, meegwetch for all your support and teachings.

A special thanks from Michele and Brenda to Rose Stella and Nancy Johnson for adding your spirit and your wonderful talents and voices to Spirit Wind! To the women singers in the community and the men who support them, thank you for enriching our circle. And to our children, friends, family and Toronto's Aboriginal community, thanks for being who you are, appreciating who we are, and for your understanding and guidance.

Song Sharing

We encourage women to learn and share these songs with your communities and women's drum groups. Chi Meegwetch to the Wiishkigomong Singers, Waabishki Mkwaa Singers, Change In Breeze Singers and all other women's drum groups who are sharing our songs and helping them to travel. We hope our prayers and good feelings touch you when you hear and sing our songs. Please drop us a line and let us know what your favorites are and where you're singing them. Meegwetch!

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