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Our Community - Hand Drum Song Sharing Circle

Chi-Meegwetch for taking time to sing with us…

This circle provides encouragement, truth and non-judgement for all those who spend time with us. As we seek out our need to be connected to our Mother the Earth we are called by her heartbeat to The Drum.

The songs that are shared in this circle come from all over Turtle Island. They have been brought to Toronto by many that have the gift to carry songs and have been given that responsibility. The songs are being shared to help the people that are touched by them and grow from the support, love, nurturing and fun that they provide.

When we are singing these prayer songs, each song talks about something different. When we are singing about love, that essence of what love means to us as individuals is brought forward from our sub-conscious, therefore songs will affect us all differently.
The songs will move us as we begin to remember our experiences, our deep blood memory, history and present circumstances

We work with these energies that are being created and when we chose to, we can move forward to a healthier place.

These prayer songs each have their own spirit and responsibility. It is for us to remember this and not to disrespect them and sing them outside this circle without permission from the song carrier. When we receive these songs they come with instruction. It is for the carrier of the song to bring these forward when they share the song.

A song carrier may share these songs with individuals who they know will hold the song sacred. This then means the receiver will be given additional instruction on how they should carry it, who they can offer it to, and if it is open to be carried by a third party.

All songs differ in this way. When a song touches you it does not necessarily mean you are gifted the right to carry it. It is always up to the original song carrier to understand how it was meant to be. Keep these songs in your heart and share them with your spirit when you feel moved to, in your own private space.

With hope, you spend much time with us in our Drum circle community and it helps you learn about yourself.

Raise your voices in song, and keep on singing!

~ Michele Perpaul

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