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Spirit Wind's CD Soul Talkin' was released in November of 2003. The CD features 8 songs.

Songs from Soul Talkin' CD

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Free Spirit Dancing


Soul Talkin





Awakening CD Cover

Spirit Wind's CD Awakening, was released in November of 2004. The CD features 19 songs.

Songs from Awakening CD

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Kamloops Round Dance


When I Awake

Travelling Song

Lyrics from the Awakening CD

Chi Meegwetch and Song Sharing

CD Rave from Carolyn Hines, CFBX, Kamloops, BC

Story of the Awakening Painting

Story of the painting "Awakening" by © Scott Sittingbear Debassige

Scott Sittingbear Debassige and Michele Perpaul with

There are two Ojibway floral designs to represent spring - new beginnings and awakening of a new cycle within creation. Male and female plants represent the sacred balance that we all seek in life.

There is a rainbow, which is the background of the whole painting. When this painting was being created I was thinking of The Thunder bird (G*chi-Nim*key-Be*na*shee) and the great power of the storm, which brings the cleansing (mi*no-mish-ki*kay) medicine of the storm to the children of the land.

After the storm passes and Gchi nimkey benashee moves on, she leaves her wonderful necklace behind (Nimkey Benashee Nupguwagun), being that beautiful Rainbow. I was thinking that the rainbow is to represent you singers and the wonderful feeling you awaken when you sing and the song is the rainbow. It is a multicolored, vibrate medicine shared with the children of mother earth, for healing and wellness.

The next part is the eagle flying in the center of the painting. You strong women, are called the Spirit Wind Singers. What better spirit than a majestic eagle (gchi Migizi) to represent you singers, whom are strong in unity, intelligent, gifted, blessed and with powerful purpose.

~ Sittingbear

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