Spirit Wind Aboriginal Hand Drum and Singing


Hand Drum Circle - Mondays, 5:30 to 7:45pm, Native Canadian Centre, 16 Spadina Rd
Michele Perpaul is the facilitator of this weekly hand drumming circle that encourage individuals to find their voice, stand up, sing out, and be heard. This circle provides encouragement, truth and non-judgement for all those who spend time with us.

As we seek out our need to be connected to our Mother the Earth, we are called by her heartbeat to The Drum. The songs that are shared in this circle come from all over Turtle Island. They have been brought to Toronto by many that have the gift to carry songs and have been given that responsibility. The songs are being shared to help the people that are touched by them and grow from the support, love, nurturing and fun that they provide. Read more

Mixed Hand Drumming Workshop




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